A Mejja, Exray Taniua And Odi Wa Murang\’a Collabo Hits The Streets With A Bang.

Exray Taniua features Mejja and Odi Wa Murang\’a on his new track titled Sijanona. His inspiration has spiraled up over the months and his creative process is at its peak.

A week ago, the trio conducted a video shoot and a photo captured of Mejja\’s outfit during the session caught the attention of fans and went viral. To add on that, Mejja just released his song a few days ago that\’s already at a million views and trending.

Sinajona- Exray Tanuia

You\’ve got to love Exray Taniua as an artist because his strategic approach, planning and ability to identify what is trending and create magic is top notch. He carefully calculates his moves and perfectly plays his own game. Sometimes, his songs barely trend but still he manages to have a come back.

This new song feels like a clap back to haters. It also seems like he\’s targeting the Tiktok crowd. Tiktok has been known to make a song that people forgot about years ago trend and even go international. The anticipation to see how his latest project will progress is making music critics nostalgic.

Exray Tanuia

The Boondocks squad seems to be doing pretty well this year.

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