A Review On Thee Exit Band Rise To Fame.

By Muli.

What exactly do we need in our Kenyan music industry? Creativity? Talent? Skills and Knowledge? Well in that case , look no further when you consider music created by Thee Exit Band.Thee Exit Band.The band comprises of Maxwell Otieno, Javan Juma and Kevin Athumani.

These young artists from Nairobi, are signed under the Black Market Records and recently dropped a love song that had people yearning for more of their talent.

Last year was a stepping stone for Thee Exit Band as they witnessed the rise of the new yet young talented artists after releasing “Ghetto”. However, this year, they have so much more for their fans. They released Mapenzi Raha’s music video on YouTube 3 months ago and right about now, it has over a hundred thousand views.

Mapenzi Raha portrays these artists as, poetic with mellow vibes. They are incredible in lyricism. For those who have no idea of what the incredible song is all about, I’ve got you covered. Mapenzi Raha is basically a love song. Well, it is so much more than a basic love song because this song does wonders to the soul. Allow me to indulge you. Whether you need to hold a wedding ceremony, hold or celebrate an anniversary or go out on a date, this song will serve its purpose accordingly.

The trio is rich in vocals. They have a way with how they relay their message. According to Kevin,” Niliimba Mapenzi Raha kuonyesha uzuri wa mapenzi. Ukiangalia mstari niliouimba, nilisema kwamba , ‘Mapenzi Raha ya Kufaana, Wengine Wanakaa Hadi Wanafaana Niliimba wimbo huu kuwahimiza vijana katika jamii uzuri na umuhimu wa mapenzi ‘.

They aim at encouraging people especially the youth to fall in love more.Mapenzi Raha has beautiful beats to fall for with good vibes from the start all the way to the finish. It is soothing, blissful and satisfying to the soul. Check it out on YouTube on the link provided. https://www.youtube.com/TheeExitBand

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