Agami Tony’s New Jam ‘Kampala Gyal’ Simply Irresistible

Agami Tony

By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan dancehall artist Agami Tony,  who is not only a musician but also a DJ and music producer, continues to turn heads with his volatile song ‘Kampala Gyal.’

With ‘Kampala Gyal’, which is one of the tracks on his Northern Bwoy album, Agami Tony proves to the world that his habit of supplying fans with unlimited club bangers has become an addiction of sorts.

An instrumentalist, vocalist, renowned songwriter and producer, Agami Tony is way beyond being your typical artiste and it is not surprising that his jam ‘Kampala, Gyal’ is attracting thousands of views on YouTube.

Actually, ‘Kampala Gyal’ has since  become a hit record everywhere and an anthem not only in night clubs and other party spots but also in the streets, whereby almost everyone is vibing to this song.

Some of the fans who have encountered Agami Tony’s ‘Kampala Gyal’ contend that it is a record that will forever be timeless as long as humans live on this earth because it is simply timeless music.

Believe it or not, after watching this music video and listening to the song word for word, you find yourself listing Agami Tony on your list for favourite dancehall music artist.

Stream the ‘Kampala Gyal’ video on YouTube by just a simple click of the link!

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