All About Daddy Andre.

By Brenda,

Daddy Andre is a Ugandan producer, musician and song writer. He sings afrobeats, hip hop, dancehall and RnB. He started his music career back in 2010 and has been dropping banger after banger ever since.

His projects include; Don\’t Stop by John Blaq, Weekend by Sheeba and Runtown, Now with Spice Diana, Have No Fear with Nutty Nethan and many more. _Kola_ is a brand new single released a couple of weeks ago. It is a Ugandan word that means _Work_ . It\’s fast paced, party themed that one can dance to.

He is asking girls to get busy on the dance floor and from the official video, his vixens do not let him down. Ugandan artistes have made a huge impact on music and have created a fortune for themselves and Daddy Andre is among them.

As a producer, he has surely invested in the video production which also has good colour grading. Eventhough most of us aren\’t conversant with the language Daddy Andre is using, the song is pure vibes.

The lugandan lyrics are artistically conveyed alongside a beat that you can not remain still to whilst listening. Daddy Andre has a large audience continent wide and has won the attention of many music lovers.Check out Kola and let us know what you think about the project.

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