All About Ivy Lygue: Movers & Trappers.

By Brenda,

Freshly signed by Black Market Records, Ivy Lygue has just dropped out a very impressive hit parade Big Moves.

Big Moves proves why Ivy Lygue is on the list of greatest upcoming rappers from her great voice and lyrics to match. It\’s literally the beginning of her big moves and it looks bigger than ever.The song is about Ivy conquering the music industry and \”getting the bag\”.

She goes ahead to thank God for the big steps and moves she\’s made in life. She has reaped what she sows and at her young age, 19, she sure has done a good job taking the lead in the game.

Without a doubt the rapper is going to do more damage this year as the fire she has left burning from her last releases on her Big Moves EP of 4 songs significant to her life and ambitions.

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3 thoughts on “All About Ivy Lygue: Movers & Trappers.”

  1. This is an awesome article ..I didn’t know about the artist but the article gives me the sense that shes a big blow coming up..good work Brenda

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