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‘Bend Ova’ Star AGS Remedy To Perform Live In Ghana

Rapper AGS Remedy, who has out a captivating video dubbed ‘Bend Ova’, is slated to perform live at Konkosa  Bar Event Centre in Accra, Ghana, on December 23rd, 2023. AGS Remedy, who will be performing at an event dubbed ‘A Night With AGS Remedy’, will use the opportunity to treat the audience to a sizzling fusion of Hip-Hop, dancehall, and street rap music. Known for his energetic stage performances, several people who have experienced AGS Remedy doing his thing live before contend that this is a show no one should miss because it’s bound to be massive! AGS  Remedy has been one of the most illustrious Ghanaian artists this year, whereby he has released several songs that are rocking the party scene in Ghana, most of them off his EP dubbed ‘+4499’, which is available on YouTube and digital platforms. But with his forthcoming live performance, there is no doubt that he will treat his fans to a mind-blowing show that they will live to remember! So, come this Sunday, all roads will lead to Konkosa Bar for the first ever ‘Night With AGS Remedy’ and it’s the only place to be, come rain or shine. However, in the meantime, you can click the link above to stream his video ‘Bend Ova’ on YouTube.

Nelly The Goon Strikes Again With ‘Kanashikia Wapi’

Gengetone artist Nelly The Goon, who has out a fresh video dubbed ‘Sijai Kuona’ has struck again, this time round by dropping a scorching banger dubbed ‘Kanashikia Wapi’, which is now available for streaming on YouTube and digital platforms. ‘Kanashikia Wapi’, which is Nelly The Goon’s sophomore studio project, continues to prove to all doubters in the industry that he is indeed here to cement his position as a solo artist. In this particular jam, Nelly The Goon, who is a member of the singing group Ochungulo Family, is all about living life to the fullest and having fun with your buddies no matter the place, event, or time. Believe it or not, ‘Kanashikia Wapi’ is a very ideal song to fire up your festive season, because the jam will give you every reason to go partying, whether you intend to or not. With this Gengetone gem, Nelly The Goon makes it known to everyone that he is one of the most versatile, prolific, and talented artists that Kenya is privileged to have in our generation. Simply tap the link to stream the audio on YouTube and you will appreciate what Nelly The Goon has to offer East Africa!

Johnny Benzx

‘Bad Man Do’ By Johnny Benzx, Emilian Starz & LBK Nandeboy Is  A Blast

If you intend to make this year’s festive season a mega blast, then make sure you are vibing to ‘Bad Man Do’, a sizzling joint by Nigerian artist Johnny Benzx, who teams up with Uganda’s Emilian Starz and LBK Nandeboy from Congo. Already a smash hit in various countries across Africa, ‘Bad Man Do’ is the track that should keep you company not only during Christmas but also throughout the entire festive season and long thereafter, because this jam is just so lit! Currently one of the most sought-after artists, Johnny Benzx is always bringing his A-game to the studio projects he sets out to work on, something that is garnering him thousands of followers, including those who initially doubted his musical muscle. Despite being fresh in the industry, Johnny Benzx has already positioned himself as an artist who loves to evolve and take up new challenges, a move that has often resulted in him dropping powerful jams. Just like many of his other songs, everything about ‘Bad Man Do’ is articulate and well thought-out and it’s because of this that thousands of his fans have taken to relentlessly streaming the audio on YouTube and digital platforms, while others are vibing to the tune in nightclubs and bars. Stream the audio on YouTube by tapping the link above.


‘Achibella’ By Josephyl, Teslah & Exray Taniua ft. GJB100 Is Top Shatter

If you haven’t yet experienced ‘Achibella’, a thrilling music video by Josephyl, Teslah, and Exray Taniua featuring GJB100, then you don’t know what on earth you are missing! A video that ought to be watched by every man on earth, at least before he dies, ‘Achibella’ is a tale of love, heartache, patience, and a burning desire for a man to be with a woman who is never there when he needs her. In ‘Achibella’, which is a fascinating jam, Josephyl is out to share compassion with men whose hearts have been shattered by the women they loved, and those who still have hope in troubled relationships that things will work out for them at some point in time. A highly emotional and heart-warming song, ‘Achibella’ is being streamed by over 41K people on YouTube and still counting, which indicates that there are thousands of people who easily relate to the storyline that Josephyl takes in this jam. It is through ‘Achibella’ that Josephyl reminds men to always cherish, appreciate, and ensure that they never hurt the women who love them because true love doesn’t come easily and once lost, is very hard to find again!   Go stream the video on YouTube by clicking the link above because like it or not, no man would live a peaceful life with a woman like ‘Achibella’ as his lover.

‘Show Me’ By Thee Exit Band ft. Collo Blue & Fathermoh Sparks Shockwaves In Kenya

Popular Kenyan singing group, Thee Exit Band, known for dropping captivating jams, is causing shockwaves across the country with their latest music video dubbed ‘Show Me’, a collabo with Collo Blue and Fathermoh. A very electrifying dance party tune, ‘Show Me’ is a jam taking almost everybody by storm, because the veracity with which it hit the Kenyan music scene is still unprecedented. Although Thee Exit Band had positioned themselves as the ‘kings of love songs’, with ‘Show Me’, they dropped a tune that is completely off their usual menu, reason why the jam is causing a rampage in nightclubs, bars, and streets all over Kenya. It is globally known that dancing is one of the best therapies for several health issues; it is mainly because of this that Thee Exit Band set out to produce a thrilling banger like ‘Show Me’, a song that not only entertains but also gives people more than a million reasons to dance to a healthier life! ‘Show Me’ is the kind of song that will ensure that you don’t allow anyone to dull your sparkle in life and if you doubt it, just tap the link to stream the video on YouTube; you will thank us later.

Nelly The Goon Shakes Gengetone Scene With ‘Sijai Kuona’ Video

The Gengetone arena is booming with a new music video dubbed ‘Sijai Kuona’ by Nelly The Goon, which is causing a stampede on the Kenyan party scene. ‘Sijai Kuona’, which is still hot and fresh, debuted on YouTube just yesterday but the commotion it’s already causing across Kenya indicates that Nelly The Goon has since joined the league of the movers and shakers in the realm of Gengetone music as a genre.  A member of the singing group Ochungulo Family, Nelly The Goon has since raised lots of dust with his decision to pursue a solo music career, and by the look of things, he is definitely on the right track. This is because much as ‘Sijai Kuona’ is his debut solo studio project, the attention that it is garnering from all corners of Kenya points to one thing; that Nelly The Goon has what it takes to give other artists a run for their money. With over 11K people streaming the video on YouTube just a day after its release, it’s increasingly becoming obvious that ‘Sijai Kuona’ is a massive banger that has since unveiled Nelly The Goon as a very enterprising  Kenyan artist who had always been underrated, until he decided to go full throttle! And, by the way, with just a single click on the link above everyone can now stream ‘Sijai Kuona’ on YouTube.

‘Hallelujah’ By Nina Roz ft. Pr. Bugembe Is Food For The Soul

Just like Jesus Christ fed multitudes of people with five loaves of bread and two fish in the desert, Ugandan artist Nina Roz is feeding hundreds of thousands of souls with ‘Hallelujah’, a spiritual song that features Pr. Wilson Bugembe! A very holistic song, ‘Hallelujah’ is becoming a balanced diet for several souls that had lost faith and hope in God, because Nina Roz delivers these in abundance through this great jam.     Thanks to the spiritual power that Nina Roz invokes for everyone through this song, ‘Hallelujah’ has become the only source of courage that’s enabling people to cope with some of life’s greatest challenges, including poverty, stress, depression, and grief! Indeed, whether you’re a devout observer of a specific religion, or just dipping your toes into the world of spirituality, no one remains the same after experiencing ‘Hallelujah’, because it’s the kind of song that instantly reminds everyone that God is above everything else in this world. No wonder the video is being streamed by over 320K and still counting on YouTube, because with ‘Hallelujah’ Nina Roz delivers a very important divine message that shouldn’t be ignored by anyone.It is because of this that everyone is urged to tap the link above to stream Hallelujah on YouTube!

Exray Taniua Makes Loud Buzz With ‘Monika’ Video ft. Lil Maina

‘Monika’, a brand-new video by Gengetone maestro Exray Taniua featuring Lil Maina, is causing a massive buzz in  Kenya, where it is already attracting the attention of thousands of fans. A sizzling drop by Exray Taniua, ‘Monika’ is a jam that is all about flossing, flipping bottles, and living large; in essence, it’s a song for people who want to live life in the first lane, without fear or favour for anyone. With ‘Monika’, Exray Taniua is here to give his fans all reasons to have a massive blast during this festive season, because this is a jam that induces the spirit of getting groovy in everyone who comes across it. True to his unique style and vibe, ‘Monika’ is a jam that is bound to become another Gengetone monster that will mash up the Kenyan music scene for several years to come because it’s a visual production that fans can’t easily get enough of.   Believe it or not, ‘Monika’ has already proved to be a remarkable musical piece that shall forever stand as a strong testament to Exray Taniua’s evolution as a Gengetone artist, and his ability to push boundaries within this genre. Click the link above to stream the video on YouTube because ‘Monika’ is a masterpiece that everyone must watch before they die.

Nelly The Goon Drops Explosive Video For Debut Single ‘Sijai Kuona’

Gengetone artist Nelly The Goon, a member of the Kenyan group Ochungulo Family, has released the official music video for his debut single dubbed ‘Sijai Kuona’, which is now available for streaming on YouTube. With ‘Sijai Kuona’, a studio project that kickstarts Nelly The Goon’s solo career, he is not just out to thrill his fans with captivating beats but also to showcase his great music potential and ability to own his music game. This Gengetone thriller is proof that all along Nelly The Goon hasn’t been hiding behind the veil of Ochungulo Family but that he can also do his thing independently, without riding on the group’s fame. Born and raised in Nairobi, Langata, Nelly The Goon rose to fame after he started doing his thing Ochungulo Family, whereby they dropped some of the group’s biggest hit songs like; ‘Pandemik’ and ‘Kaa Na Mama Yako’, which thrust him into the limelight. Over the years, Ochungulo Family has released several other songs together like; ‘Aluta’, ‘Muni DM’, ‘Wanjiku’, and others, thereby positioning themselves as one of the resounding Gengetone groups in Kenya. However, although he is still part of Ochungulo Family, Nelly The Goon this year decided to fully venture into a solo music career, in a bid to take his music game to another level. Besides ‘Sijai Kuona’, he is also working on an album that he is slated to release early next year but in the meantime, his fans can stream the video on YouTube by tapping the link above.

Rico Gang’s New Video ‘Mpoa’ Is So Volatile

Kenyan singing group Rico Gang is causing a stampede in the music arena with their latest video dubbed ‘Mpoa’, which now has several Gengetone fans dancing to their tune! The intensity and volatility of ‘Mpoa’ on the Kenyan music scene are already being manifested through the thousands of people who are streaming the video on YouTube, an indication that the Rico Gang is making a great impact with this jam. ‘Mpoa’, which is one of the party jams trending in nightclubs and bars across Kenya, has since thrust Rico Gang back into the limelight because it’s now making them go places they had even never hoped to reach. What’s making ‘Mpoa’ increasingly popular is that the song stirs positive vibes for everyone who experiences it, especially because it’s all about having fun with babes, dancing, and partying without fear or favour to anyone In essence, it’s a feel-good song through which Rico Gang is out to ensure that their fans enjoy life without having to think about the problems or challenges of tomorrow! Why not join the over 35K fans who are streaming ‘Mpoa’ on YouTube? All you got to do is tap the link above.

‘Maama Wo’ By Dance Andre Is A Dancehall Mashup

Ugandan music maestro Daddy Andre is mashing up the dancehall everywhere with his freshest drop dubbed ‘Maama Wo’, which has tens of thousands of fans vibing to his tune.  With ‘Maama Wo’, Daddy Andre is here to let the world know that although very few people know it, there are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them; that’s why he delivered a dance-inducing song! It is because of this that everyone who experiences ‘Maama Wo’ instantly gets swept away by its intensity because this is not the usual kind of music many of Daddy Andre’s fans expected from him. The jam is not just infectious but also gives everyone a chance to try out their dancing moves and is another showcase of Daddy Andre’s exceptional artistic vision, creativity, and commitment to making a lasting impact in the world through his music.   And, if you doubt this, then how do you explain the over 40K fans who are streaming ‘Maama Wo’ on YouTube simply because they’ve found the song so irresistible? Although Daddy Andre has released several bangers over the years, ‘Maama Wo’ goes a step further in proving that he is indeed a visionary artist whose music not only sparks deep thought, but also inspires listeners to get immersed in it. Stream the audio on YouTube by tapping the link above, or on your preferred digital platforms. 

‘Dictionary’ By Emilian Starz Rocks Rwanda As It Premieres On BPlus TV

Emilian Starz is taking Ugandan music across the borders and as you read this, her freshest music video dubbed ‘Dictionary’ is already rocking fans in neighbouring Rwanda. This comes after renowned Rwandan TV station BPlus TV premiered the video this week, on their popular entertainment show known as The Play. However, this doesn’t come as a surprise, especially to thousands of people who have already watched this video, because ‘Dictionary’ is a very electrifying visual production. Emilian Starz stirs in everyone who experiences this video a burning desire to find someone who can become their ‘Love Dictionary’ and it’s because of this that besides gracing TV stations across East Africa, the video is being streamed by over 117K fans on YouTube. And now that ‘Dictionary’ is rocking Emilian Starz fans in Rwanda, it’s just a matter of time before her followers in Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan, and other countries come aboard. Like it or not, it is a fact that ‘Dictionary’ is one of the best love songs that the Ugandan music industry has produced this year and the best part is that it’s a ballad that will thrill lovers everywhere, for several years to come. Don’t miss experiencing the endless love that Emilian Starz oozes in this masterpiece; tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube now!