Baby Radar, Hell Rell 3300 Team Up With Nerdboi Mar On ‘R&B Love’.

When hip-hop kingpins like Baby Radar Hell Rell and Nerdboi Mar come together, all that fans can do is expect the best out of them.
And indeed, when they teamed up on their latest song ‘R&B Love’, the three talented rappers didn’t disappoint.

Although they are known for their militant rap style which characterizes most of their songs Baby Radar, Hell Rell and Nerdboi cool down a bit in their project ‘R&B Love’, a song in which they figuratively sing about the RnB music genre and how much they love it.
The project ‘R&B Love’ is taken off Baby Radar and Hell Rell’s new Extended Play (E.P) titled Awake, which is licensed for distribution via Black Market Records.

Baby Radar X Hell Rell 3300

Since they sing about situations that affect most African Americans like love, lack of emotional support, hustling, money and drug abuse, their music easily cuts across the age and language barriers, because anybody in the world can get hooked to their music the moment they listen to it.
Their latest project ‘R&B Love’ easily convinces us and other music fanatics world over that that they got what it takes to become the next big thing not only in America but world.

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