Balaa By Fathermoh A Hit Or Miss?

Words Curated By Iam Oloo.

‘Mbuzi gang’s Fathermoh and Joefes featuring Dj Katta have just released a new track ‘BALAA’. The official video to the track dropped on the 4th of May 2022 on YouTube. It still being a new track caused alot of mixed reviews from Kenyans.

Click the link below to familiarize yourself with the song.

The song is good and for the party life of Nairobi it’s a perfect match as Kenyans love to party just when the weekend sets in. But the big question is why Kenyans haven’t jumped into the vibe of ‘BALAA’.

Alot of reasons might be behind it as the song hasn’t even reached 5k veiws since it dropped. Let’s start with the negative reason, the song might not be the right vibe for Kenyans or Kenyans think that they could do better or maybe Gengetone is not just a vibe anymore.

On the good side, the song might have not picked up because it was released on a weekday and not just the right time for a club hit. Kenyans have proved that Gengetone is here to stay and show the love for the genre when the deejay hits the one’s and two’s.

In conclusion let’s give the song time and see how well it does because in my opinion ‘BALAA’ is definitely a hit. Here’s a link to the jam and it’s available on all music platforms.

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