Beni Boyz Drop New Scorching Hot Video ‘My Woman’

Beni Boyz

By Isaac Tugume

Super-talented singing duo the Beni Boyz have unleashed a new music video on the entertainment scene dubbed ‘My Woman’.

A fantastic piece of work, ‘My Woman’ is a thrilling live session project straight outta Black Market Records studios, which is bound to rattle airwaves.

With ‘My Woman’, which is taken off the Beni Boyz’s debut EP ‘Matter’, there is no more doubt that the singing duo is a formidable force in Uganda’s music industry.

Signed under Musoni Music but distributing music under Black Market Records, the Beni Boyz are remarkably  talented artists who originally hail from the Democratic Republic of Congo, although they are based in Uganda and it is where they are doing their music from.

Thanks to their excellent track record, there is no doubt that like many of their songs, ‘My Woman’ is bound to be another hit from the Beni Boyz.

All you have to do is click the link to stream the video on YouTube and soon it will be streaming on other digital platforms.

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