Biggest Jam In The 254 At The Moment. \”Down For You By Teslah.\”

Fast Rising Songstress Teslah who\’s a fresh talent off the showbiz industry has dropped new Jam to her long-awaited spicy song ‘Down For You’, she is always serving bangers after bangers and this one has gone right in.

Down For You should be a song to add to your playlist, it’s on another level and it will get you up your sit type of track. The production always seems to favor her, the way she jumps in and pours out her whole soul into one song is just incredible and mind-taking.Talk of how she explains her love through a melodious voice, who would not fall for that. Teslah is seen to be paving her way up the ladder in the entertainment industry and her fans are coming through for her.

About The Song.

Down for you is a certified banger written by Teslah, produced by Byron ( who also produced Sipangwingwi) and directed by Vic West. The song depicts a love story gone sour after the singer finds out she was played. Anger leads her to do one thing, payback. In the African setting, bewitching a person who crosses your path is common and she does just that.

The video clearly presents a storyline so impeccable and leaving you in suspense. It makes you wait eagerly for the official video. The setting, theme and alluring voice of the singer complement one another.Teslah is a female artist ready to shake the music industry. She is expanding her fanbase at a high rate and will soon top the charts. Check out the video link 🔗 Below.

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