Black Market Films Unveils New Movie: The Rise Of Mbuzi Gang.

Celebrated Kenyan singing trio the Mbuzi Gang have released a new movie dubbed ‘The Rise Of Mbuzi Gang’, which is a captivating tale of how they rose from nothing to becoming very popular in East Africa because of their music.
Starring Joefes, iPhoolish and Fathermoh, ‘The Rise of Mbuzi Gang, which is distributing via Black Market Films and Black Market Records, was directed by Vic West and hosted by Trizah and Bonita.

Rise Of Mbuzi Gang

The movie, which is the Mbuzi Gang’s debut motion picture project, was produced by Joseph Otieno and Tony Oceans, with Black Market Records Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cedric Singleton as executive producer.
With outstanding themes like money, street life and of course music, ‘The Rise of Mbuzi Gang’ is a movie in which Fathermoh, iPhoolish and Joefes tell their very touching story, revealing how they started out as individuals before they teamed up into singing trio.

Mbuzi Gang

In the same movie, the Mbuzi Gang also reveal how they captured the attention of Black Market Records CEO Singleton and convinced him to give them a record deal with his music label, which changed their lives for good and shaped their music career.
You can check out ‘The Rise Of Mbuzi Gang’ on YouTube via the Black Market Records channel or watch it on other digital streaming platforms.

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