Black Market Records Freshest & Youngest Signee With The Punch Lines.

A trap queen is defined as a strong, loyal woman often used in hip-hop and black culture. Ivy Lygue identifies as one with her upcoming rap style, her flow and generally the way she carries herself around. Her latest song dubbed big moves is out on YouTube and gaining popularity as time goes.

Link below.

At a tender age of nineteen, Ivy Lygue comes off as inspiring, hungry to take over and intricately interesting. Her ability to master her prowess and still keep it controversial at her age is admirable.

Ivy Lygue\’s Bio.

Ivy Lygue\’s real name is Ivy Wangari. She is the freshest Signee of Black Market Records Africa. Despite being born in Nakuru, she moved to Ruaka to pursue her first level of education. She discovered her passion for music and began writing rhymes while at Hero\’s High school.

Her biggest inspiration is South Africa\’s Nasty C who greatly contributes to her writing. She recorded her first track while in form two and has since worked with Tanzania\’s artist Nello on a new track.

Tune in for more updates.

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