Black Market Records Outs New All Star Album.

This is hot, marvelous and bigger than you can ever imagine!
Black Market Records has officially released a new All Star album, which comes with a package of 20 jams, which are all club bangers.
This album, which premiers today April 1st, 2022 on YouTube via Black Market Records, features an All Star line from the 90\’s Street Rap like Brotha Lynch Hung, X-Raided, B-Legit, Gangsta Dre, Celly Cel, Triple Beam, Mr. Doctor, Locc 2Da Brain, PCO Cedsing aka Cevan Desav.

No Face Killaz Full Album

The album features the following songs;
‘The Last Ride’ by No Face Killaz, ‘No Face Killaz’ by Cedsing aka Cevan Desav ft Triple Beam & Cilla Cain, ‘Can\’t Have It’ by Brotha Lynch Hung, ‘Luvin Our Surroundins’ by PCO & Triple Beam, ‘I Know Where You Sleep’ by Triple Beam, ‘Day One’ by P.C.O, ‘Moma Said’ by Gangsta Dre, ‘The Spoils’ by Mr. Doctor ft Locced 2Da Brain, ‘Till My Casket Drops’ by Homicide ft Cougnut, ‘We No Face Killaz’ by ODC, ‘Paper Route’ Black Rhino ft B-Legit, ‘We Want The Funk’ by Mac Shawn ft Celly Cel by ‘Mortuate’ by Slick The Pale Pimp, ‘One More’ by PCP, ‘Critical Thinkn’ by Young Droop, ‘I Love My Skrilla’ by Mo\’ka, ‘It\’s Tha Mobb’ by The Mobb ft Al Doysa & Cedsing aka Cevan Desav, ‘R U A Killa’ by Cedsing aka Cevan Desav, ‘Use Yo Nina’ by X-Raided and ‘Dedicated’ by Locced 2da Brain.

No Face Killaz Tracklist

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