Black Market Records Youngest Trap Queen, Ivy Lygue With A Sleek Flow.

Ivy Lygue is one rapper that you should already have on your radar who has been prolific on her craft.

Ivy Lygue is an upcoming queen of trap music in Kenya. The Kenyan industry for a while has overlooked the ability of female artists to dominate the charts despite having very talented artists in our midst. The emergence of Nikita Kering has magnified the search for female talent and among the stars comes Ivy Lygue , young, tough and equally promising.

Ivy  is one of the finest femcee finessing the airwaves right now.  Although still a teenager Lygue writes the kind of ominous music that speaks directly to the masses who appreciate her unflinching honesty. Known for her raunchy lyrics and her mastery of street lingo, she is representing the rap scene with an unprecedented force.

She emerges to set up new standards and level up the game with her new sound, the exotic rap style that will blow up your minds. She is slowly but surely expanding her fanbase and will soon catch up.

Ivy has been in the music industry for not so long and she is already making a name for herself and it’s only a matter of time before she takes over the entertainment industry altogether.

She is holding her ground and slowly cementing her name in the industry.

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