Bondoocks × Ethics Entertainment.

By Glow,

While you are cruising in the car headed to the Safari Rally on a hot day or you are wrapping your mind around on what to listen to while cleaning the house ,Ethic entertainment and Boondocks gang has you all sorted out , from their singles Pandana and kidole to their collabos that topped the chats with over a million views.

Music has always been a matter of energy for the two groups, a question of fuel. We would all agree that the duo of both Ethic Entertainment and boondocks gang have outdone themselves gengetone industry.

Last time these guys made a bang as a team was one year ago with a song titled Zamani. The song featured Ochungulo and had a positive feedback from their fans. This time they have an upcoming club banger music song titled Naskia Wah.

The title itself is just vibes on vibes .The lyrics ,\’Naskia wah, naskia wue, naskia wii\’ brings the \’im feeling good\’ vibes . Ethic entertainment,the founding fathers of gengetone, consists of four members while Boondocks gang is a combo of three musicians and a DJ.

Just like Kenyan most beloved band Sauti Soul, Both groups have their members pursuing their music careers differently and have perfected their art as individuals and also as a group.Maddox, a member of the group just dropped his single last month titled Nyonga. Exray\’s Patanisho is also a flow with his collabos like sipangwingwi still being Kenyan anthem.

The duo has gone all out on this yet to be released hit and one will surely be personally affected by it . It\’s one that the mass would for sure not stop talking about it afterwards especially after they decided to part ways.

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