Boondocks Edu Maddox Message To Concerned Fans.

By Trizah

\”Hey fam, hope you are all good. I am alright and will be dropping my Ep along Rider official video this week. Proudly Black Market.\” Edu Maddox captioned this on his Instagram account to clap back on music critics who claimed that he was slacking.

When a fan asked Nairobi Gossip if Maddox Mkuruweng was okay after finding him in a bar begging for alcohol, this is what he had to say.

Maddox seems to be the other third of Boondocks gang that has been forgotten by the industry. It\’s challenging when a member from your team sets such a high standard that everyone expects you to conform. Maddox believes that God\’s timing is the best. The public might have misleading information about the musician because he is set to drop his Ep this coming Friday titled Black Canvas. On the same day, he intends to drop the official music video for Rider. Rider is an introductory song from the album. Maddox\’s sound is dance hall fused with gengetone music. This is probably the reason why fans seem to be misled about his specialization.

I urge fans to come together and show love to his upcoming project. Below is the direct link to his YouTube channel.
Boondocks Member Edu Maddox
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