Business Today: How To Make Money As An Artist Through NFTs.

Having had the privilege to be the first company in East Africa to commercialize our music through this form, it won\’t hurt to give a few tips on how to get started.

NFTs are what I would call the future form of earning. I am not even kidding, you have to do your own research on this.

You have been creating phenomenal content, your friends keep showering you with praises but they don\’t know how much you struggle to make your art pay for all your bills. I am here to help you start up something that could potentially make you more than what you have. So much more.

This is just a guide, the amount of work you put into the practice will be equivalent to your results.

What are NFTs? Non fungible tokens? Simply put, they are a way to prove digital ownership.

With all the hysterical hype about NFTs, it\’s easy for us to approach them with cynicism and distrust. We hate trying out new things.

This isn\’t just a fad for the rich and tiring, NFTs are a safe investment for artists who want nothing to do with piracy. God knows how much we hate when our work is plagiarized. Below are three steps to easily understand NFTs.

1.They are built on blockchains. These are distributed public ledgers that record transactions. Each NFT is stored on the blockchain with an identification code and metadata that makes it as unique as a fingerprint. In this context, “metadata” means “data about data” and is simply a bit of extra information that describes the NFT and is stored alongside it.

2.They’re an excellent way to mark digital assets and control their supply. Whether you’ve created a piece of music, a digital artwork or video, “minting” it as an NFT means that you can prove ownership over it (as each NFT is distinct and traceable). Previously, digital assets were fairly easy to steal. This is huge as it means artists can’t be cheated out of royalties anymore and collectors don’t have to worry about investing in something that’s a fake or a forgery.

3.Think of them as digital receipts or signatures. If you’re a collector, NFTs can be considered the digital equivalent of the kind of receipt you’d get after you’ve bought something physical (like clothing or food) from your favourite store. As an artist, turning your work into an NFT is a way of adding a digital signature that can never be forged or removed.

How To Sell NFTs.

1.Identify your marketplace, select your product, upload it to your NFT account and wait for it to sell.

2.Select your market place, mint the NFT and link wallet. I recommend the opensea market as it\’s currently the biggest market and it\’s easy to maneuver around. Minting an NFT is simply turning the digital file into a crypto collectable on the ethereum blockchain. Once you\’ve done this, it\’s time to link your funded crypto currency wallet.

3.List NFT for sale. Once your file is uploaded and minted, list it for sale. The market place will automatically calculate the the gas fees depending on how active your network is.

There you have it. Now, try it out see how things go.


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