ChanChan Is Back With A Whole Ep.

Words Curated By Miriam.

“I strongly believe that Kenya is yet to meet mad talent. With each dawn of a new day, something new cooks.” This is according to Chanchan, a humble, down to earth yet hardworking musician who resides in Embakasi. This musician is signed under Black Market Records and has recently done an incredible work dubbed The Manifest. But before we dig in to that, let’s get to know this artist further.

\” I’ve had a tough journey throughout my life.” Chanchan said during an interview. “However, I draw my inspiration to create more music from these struggles. Everyday comes with its own struggles, but we all find a way out, and put God first. ” Chanchan mentioned.

“I recently worked on something great. Pure badness. It’s about to go down.” Chanchan chimed in with excited while hinting at his latest project which he worked on dubbed The Manifest. The Manifest EP comprises of four songs namely, On My Mind, Hold On, I’m Sorry and Marijuana.

Chanchan’s music is food for the soul. “Whenever I write music, I feel like the message comes from a higher power. As an artist, I am a messenger to the world, thus I relay the messages in my music through singing. I sing to keep people in higher spirits despite the challenges they may be going through mainly to inspire them.”

While talking about his dreams, Chanchan mentioned that, ” I want to make Kenyan Music reach a higher level. I dream of days when more Kenyan artists will win Grammy awards.”

To listen to more of his works, click on the link provided.

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