Chanchan & Teslah Make A Perfect Duo.

By Brenda,

\’On My Mind\’ is exactly the sort of song you\’d expect love birds to listen to: melodic, melodramatic and immensely satisfying. It\’s exactly the sort of song Chan Chan and Teslah should be singing too, making full use of their impressive set of pipes.

You can tell Chan Chan is doing his best to rein in his vocals. The two (staging as a couple) have a powerful chemistry thus ensuring this surefire smash stays just the right side of cheesy. The chorus hook is memorable and very catchy with a smooth production that has some pretty people in it. It\’s a song I can nod my head to. To me, On My Mind is giving vibes like; I saw you, I want you, but I can\’t tell you cause of reasons best not to talk about.

Chan Chan did a lyrical in depth and admitted that the song came to him while he was intoxicated and in a position he couldn\’t admit how he was feeling towards his fancy woman.
He sings: Nishakata sina fare, but you\’re on my mind, distance yetu ndio unfair, walahi walahi
Chan Chan has been carefully building up his career as an RnB artist under Black Market Records and On My Mind is one of his best hits this year.
It comes right after Teslah\’s solo Best that\’s doing quite well on YouTube. I\’d surely recommend On My Mind [ ] if you have problems on proclaiming your love to someone special, or someone that\’s on your mind. Check out Chan Chan and Teslah\’s social pages to be updated on their upcoming projects.

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