Chanchan\’s Mastery Of Lyrical Flow Is Inspirational.

Words Curated By Keitus Promo.

Black Market Records artist Chan Chan just shared the official poster to his long-awaited music EP dubbed ‘The Manifest’, it’s highly credited that it will be the most-streamed EP from this artist and the anticipated.

Chan Chan is a hard working, dedicated and passionate musician who puts emotions in his lyrics. Through his music, you get to not only listen to his message but also get some feels. His vibe is different from most of our young talented artists in Kenya, exactly why you need to listen to him.

The EP, Manifest comprises four amazing songs namely, On My Mind featuring Teslah, Hold on, I’m Sorry and Ndoko Kawalker. All of which are what y’all need to be listening to. Be it at a party, at your crib, in the bathroom… Wherever and whenever just to get your moods uplifted.

Chan Chan debut songs have been on immense rotation on both radio and Tv with fans only begging that he drops this EP any minute from now. The Manifest as the name goes sounds like a game-changer music EP, it’s a 4 tracklist EP with titles that will only give you the urge to want to listen to it.

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