Daddy Andre’s New Song ‘Kola’ Listed For Sale On OpenSea As An NFT.

Celebrated Ugandan artist Daddy Andre real name Andrew Ojambo’s new song ‘Kola’ has been listed for sale as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) on Black Market Record’s OpenSea portal.
The song ‘Kola’, which Daddy Andre released a few days ago, is already trending on airwaves in Uganda and across East Africa.
Daddy Andre’s ‘Kola’ is a very inspirational song that encourages youth in Uganda and across Africa to work hard so as to fight poverty and be able to live a good life.

Daddy Andre

Having been listed for sale on OpenSea, ‘Kola’ is now available for sale to all Daddy Andre’s fans via OpenSea and all you have to do is check out the Black Market Records for details on how to buy the song.
However, besides ‘Kola’, Daddy Andre also has several other songs listed on OpenSea for sale which include; ‘Wendi’ ft Angella Katatumba, ‘Nguwayo’, among others.
It should be noted that OpenSea is the world’s first and largest NFT market place across the globe that deals in collections of music, movies, art, photography, etc.
This means that Daddy Andre’s music bought as NFT can be traded, resold and considered an investment by the buyers, because the value of the NFT can rise or drop at any one given time.

Daddy Andre
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