Death Before Dishonor, These Are The Old Rulez By Maserati Ricky.

Loyalty before royalty…..

I am my brother\’s keeper.

Never snitch.

Mazerati Ricky schools you on the die hard rules to live by on his exquisite album Old Rulez.

The album is a collection of thirteen songs all well detailed below. This masterpiece is also listed on NFT for you to purchase.

Mazerati Ricky is an American rapper from Sacramento, California. His music touches the streets because it\’s filled with life experiences. His collaboration with Sada Baby on \”Google My Name\” was a hit and reached 1.3 million views in two months. He began seriously pursuing music in 2015 after being released from jail.

After being released from prison, Mazerati got right into the music business by collaborating with Too Short on the song, \”Came In\” and \”G-Code\” with Lil Herb. These songs preceded the release of the album, Old rulez under Black Market Records.

Ricky has released a total of seven albums in three years, a record he only keeps for being exceptionally hardworking and committed to his work.

Click the link below to access his entire album on YouTube.

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