Did DP William Ruto Just Feature On Exray Taniua\’s Sipangwingwi Remix?

The Deputy President William Ruto is one not to be intimidated let alone manipulated but did he just use a move from his opponent\’s book? What is the game plan? The Deputy president is certainly on some power plan.

William Ruto X Exray Tanuia

A collaboration by him featuring Exray Taniua is guaranteed to blow up. Exray Taniua has been his campaign artist since he released the song Sipangwingwi. The meaning of the song blends entirely will the Deputy president\’s vision and what better way to award an artist who\’s vision corresponds to yours?

As we near the election date, the two presidential candidates are doing whatever it takes to make the citizens vote for them. Exray Taniua is undoubtedly making moves and this is a big step up in the game for him. Is this a declaration that he has made his own stand? Time will tell.

Exray Taniua\’s strategic approach to music is an inspiration, something other artists can learn from. In a short span of time, the musician has made a name for himself, financially lifted himself up and keeps going hard. However, he has undergone challenges before getting to where he is. Check out his Spotify to stream the audio of the Sipangwingwi remix and other tracks.

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