Down For You Tiktok Challenge Ongoing: Prices To Be Won.

Here is the deal.

Down for you meets music theory details meticulously. The cadences, being a tough thing to achieve, are significant. Teslah is downright talented, no debate about this.

With that, I am here to notify you about the Down for you challenge that\’s ongoing. Prices to be won include branded Black Market Records t-shirts, caps and other accessories. You don\’t want to miss this out.

Teslah is arguably among the most talented female upcoming artists of our time. She released her debut Ep Sensual and featured creatives like Vic West, Odi Wa Muranga among others. Her official video performing Down For You is out on YouTube and banging. Her performance skills are excellent, which is why you should jump onto this challenge before it is too late. Check the link above for more updates.

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