DP Ruto Unleashes A New Term After The Ban Of \”Sipangwingwi\” By NCIC.

By Muli.

Following current orders from the National Cohesion and Integration Commission, the term “Sipangwingwi” has been banned as it is now termed as hate speech. This is according to the NCIC chairman, Samuel Kobia.

This was done in an effort to curb hate speech and to ensure National cohesion during the electoral period.Samuel Kobia. Photo courtesy of Google images.However, just a few hours after the ban of the term “Sipangwingwi”, DP Ruto adopted a new phrase “Hatupangwingwi”. Ruto’s popularity among the youth has undoubtedly increased after the adaptation of the term Hatupangwingwi as he resonates with the youth, ever since the remix dropped.

What does Sipangwingwi mean? Sipangwingwi is a term used by the youth today. However, people seem to have different perspectives on the term. According to Anne Mbindyo, who is a 23 year old student, Sipangwingwi is a free term for people who are not bound by any rules. However, according to Benson Maina, a parent and a resident in Thika says that Sipangwingwi is a demeaning and disrespectful term abused by politicians.

The term Sipangwingwi originated from a reggae MC who famously used the term whenever reggae music played. Soon afterwards, Exray Taniua, a renowned Kenyan artist signed under the Black Market Records used his music talents and released a major banger featuring Trio Mio and Ssaru called it Sipangwingwi. The song gained popularity soon afterwards as youth did various challenges on TikTok. Not a single matatu was left out either as they too had the song blasting on their speakers. Others had graffiti of the term calligraphed on their machines.

Later on, the Deputy President was seen in recent rallies dancing to the beat of the famous Sipangwingwi. Seemingly overwhelmed by the heat of the song, he was seen taking off his coat just so he could move rhythmically to the music. This lead to more cheering from thousands of deligates who attended the rally which was held in Kasarani.

But what does Sipangwingwi actually mean in the song. Well, the song goes a little bit like, “Maisha ni yangu, we shughulika na yako, napenda za kwangu, we shughulika na kwako. Mi Sipangwingwi…” This translates to “My life is mine, you concentrate on yours. I like my own things, mind your own, I cannot be finessed.” The rapper implies.

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