Emilian Starz ‘Mr. Lover’ Video Makes Her A Household Name.

Ugandan musician Emilian Starz has literally become household name, thanks to her sensational love song ‘Mr. Lover.’
Since it is a song that appeals to everyone in a relationship, including those planning to fall in love, Emilian’s ‘Mr. Lover’ video is dominating TV stations in various homes in Uganda and across East Africa and beyond.


Laden with sweet vocals and sensational vibes, Emilian’s ‘Mr. Lover’ is a song that will just sweep you off your feet and usher you into a groovy mood the moment you watch the video or listen to the audio on radio!
With ‘Mr. Lover’, Emilian has already set the pace for all other female artists who plan to release love songs in the near future.
She is already setting a fast pace and her career is taking off in the right direction.

Mr Lover- Emilian Starz

Signed to Black Market Records, Emilian has already proved to the world that she got talent and because of that, her music is gradually surpassing the East African plateau, meaning that she’s on her way to garnering a legion of loyal fans across the globe.
Emilian’s ‘Mr. Lover’ comes on the heels of her other tantalizing single ‘Hello’, which is also performing well on the airwaves.


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