Emilian Starz Stages Ecstatic Performance At Vumbula Uganda Festival.

Budding songbird Emilian Starz, who is signed to Black Market Records, put up a very energetic performance at the Vumbula Uganda Festival, which was held at the Uganda Museum on Saturday 19th and Sunday March 20th, 2022.
The festival, which was fired up by Nile Special lager, also doubled as a platform for domestic tourism exhibition that allowed Ugandans and foreigners to experience several tourist attractions.
True to her talent, Emilian Starz, who was one of the main acts at the festival, did not disappoint the crowd.


The moment she started performing her great hit ‘Mr. Lover’, the crowd went wild as they sang along with Emilian, while others shouted out their love for her.
She thereafter performed ‘Hello’, a love song that drove the crowd into a frenzy as others yearned to storm the stage such that they could groove with her.
By the time Emilian ended her performance the revelers were all voicing their gratitude and thanking her for staging such a spirited performance.

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