Exray Taniua Launches New Controversial Hit \”Patanisho\”

The Sipangwingwi hitmaker drops another hit dubbed patanisho. The song is already out on YouTube and gaining a lot of views. Exray Taniua has a way of making his fans listen more and more to his songs due to the way he delivers it. As a controversial song writer and strategic artist, he has found his niche.

Patanisho is a show on Radio Jambo that talks about couples reconnecting. Is his idea to release the song a good one? Will the song go on trending or not?

Be ready to experience greatness. I am talking about overturning and flipping the music scene. Before you get over your head about what this is, let me loop you in.

Exray did an outstanding launch of his album that contained twenty one songs. The Taniua movement featured incredible artists like Mejja, the legendary Trio Mio, Wakadinali, Chantelle and other interesting artists. The album launch happened in Memphis and had gengetone artists and close friends in attendance. Exray went ahead to release singles for instance Nipee. He later dropped Usherati that went massive, Sipangwingwi and now he has released Patanisho.

We anticipate to see the progress of the song.

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