Exray Tanuia\’s Sipangwingwi Video Hits 5 Million Views in 2 Months.

Kenyan Gengetone artist Exray Tanuia a member of the Boondocks Gang is celebrating hitting a new milestone in his music career. This is after his latest music video for the single ‘Sipangwingwi’ surpassed 5 million views on YouTube, within a record 2 months of premiere.

Sipangwingwi- Exray Tanuia

Sipangwingwi by Exray Tanuia featuring Trio Mio and Ssaru seems to have picked up well and a continuation of where he left in 2021 following the success of his tune \’Usherati\’ ft Mejja and Ndovu Kuu.

The video is currently among the trending for music on YouTube and also on airwaves around East Africa at large.

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