Exray\’s Electrifying Performance At UDA\’s Kasarani Meeting.

The gymnasium was packed to capacity at Kasarani as UDA members gathered to have a glimpse of their chosen presidential candidate.

The stadium was painted yellow( UDA signature look). The highlight of the day however was Exray\’s alluring performance of Sipangwingwi Remix together with the deputy president, William Ruto.

Click link to check out the proceedings.

Exray Taniua rocked the show alongside William Ruto increasing his fan base and winning the hearts of the older generation. According to Ian Muyumba, he is among the few artists in Kenya who are shaping the 2022 politics.

2022 is a crucial year being a political playground and artists play a critical role in popularizing political parties and candidates. Sipangwingwi holds the grips of the UDA party and has gained massive popularity over the past few months. No one is doing it like Exray Taniua, a humble gengetone artist who dares to dream big.

Artists use their talents and power of music to influence voting patterns as well as spice up political rallies and entertain crowds.

Who are you voting for this coming August?

Remember to support local music while at it.

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