Fans To Lexxy: Gospel, Secular Or Both?

Lexxy Yung (Sailors Ex-Member) Features Wangechi On His 1st Ever Studio Album.

The pressure to singlehandedly build up something from the ground has been eating up not only Lexxy Yung, but the rest of the Sailors Gang. The ability to bestow the crowd that which it adored and the compulsion to succumb to defeat has been a battle for the crew.

Lexxy Yung has wended his way back to secular music despite publicly appealing his stand in gospel. Releasing two songs and tasting the harsh realities of gospel placated him. The album screams heartbreak and could likely be his life anecdote.

Heartbreak is up on the Sailors YouTube channel. Go ahead and have a look at it.

Wangechi, the one and only, stars on this masterpiece in what I would describe as my favorite song of the album; Birthday. Her aptitude to lure you in, her flux and euphonious voice creates a ravishing chi.

Other songs on the album made a fair impression and compliment the saucyness. The songs are seven in total; Penzi, High School, Birthday, Yesu Kam, Where are You, Ndendech and Njururi. Just like all upcoming creatives, Lexxy Yung calls out for your support so as to be able to create more magic in the future.

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