\”Fathermoh Is The Goat.\” Fans Reaction To His New Mega Hit Balaa.

Fathermoh is a creative at heart. An artist who delivers unique content and that which comes from the heart. Balaa is a great way to start up the month of May as the song goes a long way to entertain and inspire. The song features Ghetto radio DJ Kataa and Joefes, also from the famous gengetone group Mbuzi Gang.

Click link to access.

Although fans think that the video quality and presentation is below average, they appreciate the hook Master for coming strong with the verse. From Benga na Mugithi, to Taliban and now Balaa, Fathermoh is slowly becoming more and more popular. His portfolio keeps improving.

The physical, social, educational and psychological dimensions of human life are positively affected by music. When we listen to it, we automatically get sensationalism and are likely to heal from the traumas of life. This creative is on a quest to make great music that speaks to our deeper self.

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