Fig Naytion’s Album ‘Naytionz Capitol’ Is All Time Classic.

Popular American rapper Fig Nation’s album ‘Naytionz Capitol’, which features 17 pulsating rap tunes, has since become an all time classic compilation.
Fig Naytion’s ‘Naytionz Capitol’ album is circulating on YouTube via Black Market Records and it has since been treated to massive receptions by his fans.


The album features songs that were written by various artistes and they include the following; ‘R U Ready’, ‘Theze Streets We Roam’, ‘It Makes Me Think’, ‘The Show’, ‘Walk Ride & Die’, ‘Lost In Space’, ‘Reality Base’, ‘On The Move’, ‘If U F**kn Around’, ‘If There\’s A Will’, ‘Comprehend This’, ‘I Owe It All’, ‘Slippn\’ featuring Alexis, ‘Now What’, ‘Count Theze Blessnz’, ‘Hungrey Man\’s Syndrome’ ft The Swartzaniggaz, and ‘That\’s Life’ ft Da Rellez.
Unlike the usual underground hip-hop albums, Fig Naytion’s new album comes with very decent lyrics, great beats and nice production.
Fans who have already experienced the project contend that appearances by Brotha Lynch Hung, Loki and Phonk Beta make it a whole lot better than Fig Naytion’s other projects.


Born in Sacramento, Sacramento County, California, United States, Fig Naytion, who is signed to Black Market Records, has so far outed two albums which include ‘Naytionz Capitol’ and ‘Product of The Streets’.
A founding member of rap group Swartzaniggaz, Fig Naytion is affiliated with Brotha Lynch and the Siccmade team.
His involvement with the members of Swartzaniggaz meant he would eventually meet and become an understudy of Brotha Lynch Hung, who produced his debut album, ‘Naytionz Capitol’.

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