FSO Mitchy Bandz & Hell Rell 3300 Drop ‘What’s The Price’ Visualizer

Ace American rappers FSO Mitchy Bandz and Hell Rell 3300 have released the official visualizer for their new jam ‘What’s the Price.’

What\’s The Price- Mitchy Bandz X Hell Rell 3300

Mitchy Bandz and Hell Rell 3300, who often rap about real life situations and the struggles ghetto youth go through have nailed it in ‘What’s the Price’, because there is a price to pay for everything in life.
‘What’s the price’ is a very inspirational songs that will auger well amongst lovers of underground rap, yet it is also a splendid club banger.
Fans can only anticipate for a great video that is going to break records, because the two artists, both signed under Black Market Records, are known for their unmatched style of music approach and consistency.

Mitchy Bandz

FSO Mitchy Bandz and Hell Rell, who both have catalogues of numerous songs, have achieved a lot in the hip-hop music scene ever since they started rapping and they are not about to stop.
Besides YouTube, you can check out their new song ‘What’s the Price’ on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Shazam and other digital music streaming platforms.

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