FSO Releases New Album ‘Junkie World’.

Celebrated American rappers FSO have released a new album titled ‘Junkie World’.
FSO’s new album ‘Junkie World’, which was released via Black Market Records, comes with 9 songs that include; ‘Fuck It Up’, ‘Gman’, ‘Left Wrist’, ‘Mad Max’, ‘Ready Rock’, ‘Regular’, ‘Shut Up and Count It’, ‘Taste’ and ‘Thought About It’.


Signed to Black Market Records, FSO is a rap duo from Vallejo, California; they are Mitchy Bandz and Rico Bandz.
Mitchy Bandz, a Bay Area native, started his rap career at the age of 18, with his group called LoKey.
In the beginning, LoKey (which consisted of Mitchy and Smooth) only did music for their friends, in 2012 their love and passion for music made them take their talent more seriously.
In 2013 they started performing their music at different events which led them to travel to Atlanta, where they were featured guests on Atlanta’s A105 radio station and they also performed in many Bay Area shows.
In 2013 they dropped their first single called “All I Ever Knew” featuring Pooh Hefner.
In 2016 the group broke up, leaving Mitchy to find another partner but after a lot of trial and error, he finally found the missing piece.
In 2017 Mitchy Bandz met Rico and knew he was the missing piece.
Mitchy decided to drop the name LoKey and rename the group FSO and since then they have been dropping hit after hit.

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