Gengetone Artist Joefes To Launch New Album “Toxic”

By Gloria Nanjala.

Joefes is set to officially launch his album ‘Toxic’ on 26th of May 2023.

The 12-songs album is designed to celebrate different generations of rap in the best way possible, pairing acts from the past and present with legendary producers like Kashkeed to show where the gengetone genre’s been and where it’s going.

The rapper proclaimed that this Toxic will be the “best thing that comes out of 2023” and that it will be hailed as “genius.”

The announcement of this new project immediately piqued the interest of fans with him having have teased and premiered official audios to three of the songs featured on the album i.e ‘Confirmed’, ‘Blueticks’ ft Unspoken Salaton and ‘Is it just me’.

While we await for this massive release, have a listen at some of the songs like Blueticks featured in the Toxic album on DSPs.

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