Get To Know Your Artist Featuring Swat Matire.

As we usher in the new month, I am more than excited to recommend to you a very talented musician, one you are obviously familiar with as he takes us on a sugar rush with his latest hit. Matire is the title of the song and has been produced by Kavirus.

Swat\’s Bio.
Legally identified as Boniface Mwangi, the godfather, the founder of Gengetone with the help of other artists was born and raised in Nyeri on April, 18th 1997. He spent his childhood in Nyeri, did his primary there before moving to Kiru boys to pursue further education.

In 2018, together with the Ethic\’s Gang, they began a wave called gengetone that gained traction all over East Africa in a very short while. Lamba lolo was played everywhere, in movie and barber shops, aired on all TV and Radio stations and even in buses and matatus. Then came position, saba, instagram, pandana, chapachapa and many more hit songs that are recognized locally.

This particular wave came about as a result of ghetto sheng. It was almost impossible not to know who Swat was. He is a father to a beautiful child together with his wife Tania that he adores. Swat has begun a solo project ride with guidance from Black Market Records, \’Gari Kubwa\’ has gained more than a million views. Other hits by him include Whine (Take It Down) featuring Band Beca, Boomplay Cypher featuring all stars, Konyolo, Mapema and other tracks.

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