Godfrey K’s New Video ‘Child Of God’ Slowly Rising.

Budding gospel artiste Godfrey Karuhanga popularly known as Godfrey K, is enjoying the limelight, thanks to his new video ‘Child of God’, which released a few days ago.

Child Of God- Godfrey K

Godfrey K’s remarkable writing skills, as portrayed in his lyrics, are what set him aside from all the other acts in the gospel music genre, which is helping him gain lots of recognition.
His latest video is a fusion of smooth, enchanting vibes full of melodic tunes that will capture your attention and get you in the right moods.


‘Child Of God’ is the cover track for Godfrey K’s new album he released via Black Market Records, which features other songs like; Emirembe’, ‘Emmanuel’, ‘Jangu Eno’, ‘Mumba Buto’ and ‘Nazuula.

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