\”I Always Stand Out,\” Nerdboi Mar Strikes.

\’We are the Nerdboi Gang.\’

Nerdboi Mar drops \’Handout\’ a banger and a unique rap song. He went hard on that beat.

The link below will give you full access to the official music video.

First of all his name Nerdboi is derived from his nerdy behaviour, wearing glasses and being such a book lover. Back at school, he was teased for being a nerd but he loved his music regardless.

The first time I got to listen to his rap music, I thought this guy is an excellent rapper, you could say an undiscovered genius. He is definitely on another level. Guys, this is not just your typical rapper, his words are actually relatable and soul provoking.You should be wondering where I am going with all this.

Jamari Thomas is his parents given name and he resides in California. Nerdboi is a self made rapper who seeks to deliver the best kind of music. He began to write lyrics at the age of ten and even sung a bit before discovering that his rap flow was sleek.He decided to sign under Black Market Records to pursue his music even more. The link to his YouTube channel is right below for you to access.

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