\”I Am Not Beefing Anyone, I Just Want Women In Music To Be Acknowledged More\”. Teslah Kenya.

By Biggest Kaka.

Teslah Has Refused To Acknowledge Other Female Acts In The Industry.Teslah has come out officially to shun down all female Kenyan artists saying she is the best so far, her music catalog speaks for itself and her skills proves it all.

She went viral after making a statement about how slept on music fans are missing the taste of good music which only her can provide to them.\”Alot of good are always under appreciated thus messing up their morale to give us good music, men in the industry have dominated the industry and are always feeling like they own the game\” she left a statement, went on further to say \”Am not beefing anyone, all I want is the industry to grow and female artists to be given the credits they deserve\”.

Most music critics felt like she was being contversial with her words, Teslah is known to never clout chase and whatever her intentions are they are genuine. She dropped \’Down For You\’ audio a couple of weeks ago and has been on the trends for the longest time, official video dropping soon, her music choice and creativity is on top and this cannot be debated about whatsoever.The year 2022 she is already setting a fast pace and her career is taking off in the right direction.

Thanks to Black Market Records for channeling her into becoming an household music name in Kenya, her music has now surpassed East Africa and she is getting listening ears all over the world.Go check out \’Down For You\’ still new and trending on YouTube, stream via the link belowhttps://youtu.be/9IzmobAhO-k


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