Interview: Singer Junior Gentle Speaks About His Music, Love Life.

Budding Ugandan RnB singer Junior Gentle real name Simon Kasoke, who is popularly known for his soothing jam ‘Tuuza’, is a man with an amazing story.

We caught up with him this week and had a one-on-one during which he revealed all about his music career, love life and many other things that fans didn’t know about him.

To find out what Junior Gentle revealed about himself all you have to do is read on;

Qun: Can you please tell us about yourself; who really is Junior Gentle?

I’m Junior Gentle aka Mr. Charm, an artiste, music producer, songwriter, composer and dancer.

Qun: How did you end up in the music industry, didn’t want to be like a doctor or lawyer?

No, I actually had many dreams, like, being a pilot, being a soldier and many more but after school, I had many musical people around me, and they realized the talent of music in me, so I had to do music.

Qun: Tell us about your music journey; how has it been over the years?

Not bad, there is always a right time.

Qun: What has been your biggest music project so far?

All my songs are great. Because each song has its own fans. So, all of them.

Qun: Music is not a smooth road; what are some of the challenges you’ve met during your career?

I have covered most common challenges in music production but artistry is hard. The music reach-out is a challenge.

Qun: If you were a parent, would you advise your child to become a musician?

Yes, if they got the talent.

Qun: If given an opportunity would you quit music to join another field?

Not to quit music, but I want to join other fields too.

Qun: What or who really inspired you to join the music industry?

None, I have role models only.

Qun: Do you write your songs or you hire someone to do that?

I write my own songs. I write for others too.

Qun: Tell us about your latest project ‘Tuuza’ and what inspired you to do it.

Everyone needs their lover to believe and trust them so ‘TUUZA’ is all about that.

Qun: Fans out there, especially the ladies would like to know whether you’re single, dating or already settled down with someone.

I’m not dating at all.

Qun: What are some of the benefits you’ve registered from your music career?

I taught myself how to Produce Music by just listening.

Qun: After releasing ‘Tuuza’ did you decide to go on holiday or you’re in studio cooking up something?

I\’m releasing \”OTANDEBYA\” soon.

Qun: How does it feel working under a record label like Black Market Records?

It feels better than before, because now I operate in a professional music environment.

Qun: Would you advise other artistes in Uganda to sign up with Black Market Records or any other record label?

Yes, because working with a record label comes with its advantages.

Qun: Do you have any advice to fellow artistes out there especially on how they can improve earnings from their music?

All I can tell them is put God first, always pray and believe in your magic.

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