Is Fathermoh Now The Most Popular & Elite Of The Thee Wise Goats?

The Three Wise Goats drop a major, arguably the biggest album in the 254 this year and then what? Where did they go to? Despite being a distinguished group and named among the most put together gengetone groups, each member has their own strengths and greatness.

Fathermoh has been taking the lead this year on dropping solo projects. From Benga na Mugithi featuring Swat, Joefes, Odi Wa Muranga to Taliban where he featured Willis Raburu and now Balaa, his anticipated release, he seems to be the only one putting much effort in doing solo projects.

We however wouldn\’t discredit the fact that Joefes holds the record for the most number of views on YouTube and Iphooolish is a goat at spitting. Needless to say, Fathermoh\’s growth has been tremendous.

Are we allowed to crown him the king of the Goats? Share your views.As we anticipate Balaa and it\’s madness, click the link below to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Follow up for more updates from Black Market Records Africa.

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