Ivy Lygue Brand New Music EP \’Big Moves\’ Review.

By Biggest Kaka.

African female rap is getting a notch higher each and every season. Ivy lygue just served her buffet of amazing songs on this EP all covering different aspects of her life that are quite relatable to us all.

She was a trap queen and once she hit that booth she absolutely served us with the bars.

The first track in this EP is Big Moves. Literally, the whole song is based on the title. What captures our attention even more is the theme of change she boldly brings out, allowing herself to be different for everything to move differently.
Talk of her less available to the people more focused on her goals and she is that hungry stricken lioness in the outstretch of the savannah as she preys for success and stability.

That is girl power, willingness, and beating the odds, sprinkling the boss moves vibe all over the place makes sure you want to catch on to some of the good vibes.

The second track dubbed ‘Bad Bi**h’ features Eque, another promising female artist in the game.

When two ladies with the same goal and vision come together, great things happen and yes they outdid themselves.

The attitude of ‘Am in command of my life’ is the bass line to this whole time. I make the rules and I follow them, how I want to live my life is absolutely how am gonna live it, no apologies from me and those remarks keep them cause I am not going to listen to them.

This is a key attitude in life beçause as they famously say; if you want to please everyone just be an ice cream vendor, not a leader.

Leadership vibration is the tempo, with their style and not by the set norms of guidance to a particular way of life. On the real, they pulled this one right in.

The third track ‘Talking About’ encompasses who doesn’t want to associate with a famous person, most of the time people be using your name to make it as well in their endeavors and Ivy’s ex is not in the hideout.

In this track ivy, in place of all that are experiencing the same, calls out to his ex and tells him to keep her name out of his mouth. She goes on to inform him that she got somebody new who got it all going on as it is supposed to be.

What else is more staunch as a statement to that ex who keeps dragging you everywhere he goes.

Ivy Lygue makes the point straight that he is in her past and that is where he should stick and yes, what Is in the past is in there, and let’s respectfully observe that.

The last scoop is ‘Trap Queen’ she is not bragging, she is stating facts and yes it’s a validation that she is on top of her game.

Her flow, rhyme, energy, determination, and passion can easily be pinpointed. Talk of her beautiful voice, the voice that can walk you into rooms, that is what am talking about. Her three tracks are just but proof of her Fourth track.

She got what it takes and she is not bragging, the signed artist to Black Market Records is making us all aware that she got this.

Ivy Lygue got the sauce so what if you go on ahead and stream the whole studio EP right below and get to hear this through.

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