Johnny Benzx Drops Lyric Video For ‘Define’

Johnny Benzx

By Isaac Tugume

Following endless requests from fans across the world, Nigerian artist Johnny Benzx has finally released the official lyric video for his debut single dubbed ‘Define.’

The ‘Define’ lyric video is now available on YouTube and this means that fans will no longer have to scratch their heads as they listen to this thrilling song, but sing along to the jam as they vibe to it.

 Actually, with the lyric video fans can even mime ‘Define’, because they now have a clearer perception of this song, which is attracting the attention of tens of thousands of fans on YouTube.

A composition of Afro-Ginger and dancehall rhythms, ‘Define’ is a masterful symphony of catchy lyrics that pierce deep into the recesses of everyone’s auditory senses, reason why the song is so compelling for everyone to listen to.

Being a rallying cry against people who characterize and unjustly label others has made ‘Define’ a very captivating jam that extends far beyond just entertainment, which explains why the song has so far attracted over 37K YouTube views and still counting.

Please tap the link above to stream the ‘Define’ lyric video on YouTube, because it’s a song you will find worthy of your time and internet bundles!

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