Josephyl Tags Lucy, Lafayette, K-Wise and GJB 100 In A Funky Amapiano Jam.

In his new release called Shine (God’s Plan), Josephyl grace us with this inspirational song that carries heartfelt messages and a groovy tune. The track features appearances from Lucy Lugano, Lafayette, GJB100 and producer K-Wise.


Available on digital streaming platforms, this song clearly means a great deal to Josephyl, and the love and passion from the other artists can be felt on every note. Their delivery is smooth, clear, and captivating. Shine stands out in many of Josephyl’s projects and you’ll surely enjoy it once you listen to it.

The artists chant the song’s chorus repeatedly in regards to their successes and emphasis. They sing, “It’s love, it’s happiness inside, we’re catching flights…la la la la la, shine bright like a star…”. The anthem has attracted a couple of Tiktok challenges and a dance video from Uganda’s very own Zari Dancers. The artists also took to their socials to post visualizers of their verses.

From left, Lafayette, K-Wise, Lucy, Josephyl and GJB 100.

Shine reminds you that you should always stay positive for you to shine always. Check out Shine (God’s Plan) by Josephyl below;

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