Junior Gentle Makes Tables Turn With ‘Otandebya’.

Ugandan musical genius Junior Gentle is literally making tables turn in the music industry with his single \”Otandebya.\”
A very enticing love song, ‘Tuuza’ is a ballad in which Junior Gentle sings about a woman he loves so much and would like to see her settle down with him.


The song has since become a sensation in western Uganda and other parts of the country among lovers of RnB music, especially because he sings mainly in his native Runyankole language, with a blend of some English vibes.
During the time he has been around Uganda’s entertainment scenes Junior Gentle has proved has proven himself capable of evolving and fitting perfectly in the music industry with a specialty for the RnB genre.

Junior Gentle

However, although ‘Tuuza’ is Junior Gentle’s latest project that is trending on several local TVs stations, the singer is set to release a new dubbed ‘Otandebya’, which is another RnB love ballad that tickle the hearts and ears of his fans.
The song ‘Otandebya’, which can be loosely translated to mean ‘Don’t disappoint me’, is basically about a young beautiful woman for whom he declares love and begs her never to leave him.
Real name Simon Kasoke, Junior Gentle aka Mr. Charm Charm is a recording artist who hails from Mbarara City and is signed to Black Market Records.

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