‘Kampala’ Star Daddy Andre Embraces Jesus Christ At Prophet Mbonye’s Zoe Ministries Church

Daddy Andre

By Isaac Tugume


Salvation has no specific date because it can come at any time and celebrated musician Daddy Andre can ably attest to this, after he embraced the light of Jesus Christ this week.

Daddy Andre, who recently dropped a new video dubbed ‘Kampala’, on Thursday evening accepted the word of Jesus Christ after he attended a prayer service at Prophet Elvis Mbonye Zoe Ministries Church.

Daddy Andre at Prophet Elvis Mbonye Zoe Ministries Grounds

Popularly known for doing mainly earthly music, Daddy Andre surprised many believers by showing up during the service and testifying about embracing Christ.

To the excitement of the believers, Daddy Andre even hinted on dropping a gospel song as proof that he accepted the divine message of Jesus Christ through Prophet Mbonye.

Meanwhile, Daddy Andre’s freshest jam ‘Kampala’ is doing rounds on radio and TV stations across the country and has since attracted tens of thousands of YouTube views within just hours of its release.

If you haven’t streamed Daddy Andre’s new jam ‘Kampala’ then you’re missing out on great entertainment and all you have to do is click the link to go stream it now!  

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