Kenya’s Youngest Trap Queen With A Sleek Sleek Flow.

Her name is Ivy Lygue and she is only nineteen. Her rap style, unlike any other, is elevated and charismatic. Black Market Records Africa are taking her under their wing.

Ivy Lygue just dropped a whole Ep. The Ep is titled Big Moves and contains a total of four songs. She began tapping into her music career way before she hit the studio for her first session.

Trap Queen- Ivy Lygue

Her rap style can be compared to that of Silverstone Bars. She was born in Nakuru and later moved to Ruaka to pursue her first level of education at City Primary School. She realized her passion for music back in high school when she collaborated on a song with her friend.

Her inspiration mostly originated from listening to Nasty C, who deeply encouraged her writing. Her latest project is called Trap Queen, a song she has dedicated her entire life on. She tries to introduce herself to her fans and the music industry. This is also her first ever music video.

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