Kuna By Vic West, Fathermoh, Thee Exit Band, Brandy Maina & Savara Clocks 1M YouTube Views

Kuna Kuna

By Isaac Tugume

Ever since ‘Kuna  Kuna’, a reverberating  banger  by Vic West featuring Fathermoh, Thee Exit Band, Brandy Maina and Savara was released on the market, we knew it was  to become a blockbuster.

This has indeed come to pass because the video has since clocked over 1M YouTube views and still counting.

What’s even more interesting is that the 1M YouTube views come within just two weeks of its release and only God knows how many it will have by the time it clocks a month.

The 1M YouTube views prove that ‘Kuna Kuna’, which took airwaves by storm, is a real dancehall mash-up that is not only dominating airwaves but also being streamed widely across the globe.

The song not only exhibits Vic West’s musical genius and versatility but also hoists his brand as the greatest Kenyan musician and producer of all times.

Believe it or not, ‘Kuna Kuna’, which went viral on Tik Tok even before it was officially released by Black Market Records, is a record that most of us can throw our backs on and play at full blast without ever getting tired of it.

If you haven’t experienced ‘Kuna Kuna’ then you’re missing out on memorable, joyousness; just click the link to stream the video on YouTube! 

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