‘Kuna Kuna’ By Vic West, Fathermoh, Thee Exit Band, Savara & Brandy Maina Dominates East African Airwaves


By Isaac Tugume

In an age where music rocks and rules, it’s nice to have good taste and quality music that you will enjoy once in a while when you are bored or feeling low and ‘Kuna Kuna’ fits this description.

Done by Vic West, featuring Fathemoh, Thee Exit Band, Savara and Brandy Maina, ‘Kuna Kuna’ has since become a party anthem across East Africa.

There is no doubt about ‘Kuna Kuna’ being widely streamed across the globe, with over 356

Stephen Mwangi, a fan who says he plays  the  jam over and over again, commented thus on social media about the song; “Savara Killed the show, hands down. Brandy’s vibe is on fleck and Fathermoh completed the energy in the song.”

 Actually, the vocals from all the talented artists on this project are steady and confident, sounding as if they are thinking before every line, mixing magnificently with the dance beat.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t click the link to stream  ‘Kuna Kuna’ on YouTube to have a blast like the rest of people are doing.

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